Jaime Torres – Emma Torres and Eloy Torres’s father – Baby English (2 and 3 years old)

What we liked most was Lola, Emma and Eloy’s teacher, her treatment, her sweetness and understanding with the children which has been spectacular, besides, of course, the teaching given to them, despite their short age. We also liked the atmosphere of the school and the available timetables, which adapt very well to our working schedules.

Cristian Cayuela – Mónica Cayuela’s father – Baby English

We like Lola, the teacher, my daughter is delighted with her, it’s nice to hear a 4 year old girl singing in English at home and recognizing the colors in English. We also like the punctuality with which the classes begin.

Sonia Rodríguez – Naiara Puchol’s mother – Infants

Our daughter has been going to British House since she was 8 months old, and we are very happy because she is learning the foreign language with a “total immersion” (with teachers Lola and Reyes).

We have to say that the two teachers she has had have been lovely because she has been  happily going to English school and they have been very close to us.

Laura Pérez – Carla Pérez’s mother – Kids 2

Carla is very happy this year with teacher Celia, I have noticed that she has learned more than last year, and she is acquiring knowledge at a higher level than at school.

Alicia Palomino – Mar Humanes’s mother – kids 3

My daughter started learning English at school a couple of years ago, and she did not like it at all.

Since she started a British House, she likes much more and she is doing very well because at school she has to study some subjects in English.

Noemí Tarrason – Marc Vizuete’s mother – Compact Juniors 1

We are happy with British House mainly because we see that our son likes to go and he keeps on acquiring more knowledge.

This was our goal, to complement the English of the school, which we consider to be very few hours a week, with the academy!

Maite Perez – Daniel Jurdido’s mother – Juniors 1

I love it all!

Mari Carmen and Juan Francisco – Helena Caturla’s parents – summer camp

She liked doing crafts, the teachers and speaking in English. She has improved English and is better at expressing herself. She also really liked talking in Japanese.

I recommend it!

Maria Soledad Carrasco – Adriana Mimó’s mother – Summer camp

What she liked the most were the teachers, doing crafts and learning English. She has always been very happy at British House and wants to repeat next year. She says she has learned a lot of English. She has been very motivated. She liked the Japanese class very much and wants to sign up next year.


Ester Cerezo – Maria Garrido’s mother – Compact Teens 2

What we like the most is how happy our children go to learn English at British House every week and the personalized follow-up of each of them. The teacher knows them well and adapts the classes so that everyone can learn and feel integrated.

Conchi Sánchez – Joan Ortega’s mother – Compact Teens 2

I like him to relate to other children and if he also learns English better, that is always another support, we have been taking him to British House for years, and also his older sister.

Jordi Rius – Núria Rius’s father – Teens 2

I like the polishing you are giving to the language learning to my two daughters. They are happy to come and what they learn in the academy serves as a reinforcement to what they learn at school. I also like the modern facilities of the central building.  

Verónica León – Naiara García’s mother – Teens 2

I like the fact that classes are very enjoyable: kids learn while having fun.

Lluïsa Triola – Albert Vázquez’s mother – Teens 3

According to my son Albert what he liked the most is the way of teaching his teacher Rudy has, he has learned a lot. He has come to class with a lot of enthusiasm!

He has done his homework without me insisting!

Anna Maria Cuesta – Anna Molina’s mother – Teens 3

I like all the material they have available, the facilities, the teachers with a high level of English. I love the activities they do.

Francesc Moreno – Compact Teens 4

We like the relationship that exists with the family, since it is interactive and we feel comfortable. The learning system is correct, perhaps we’d like them to offer more creative activities for the students.

Laura Grau (mother: Sandra Ibáñez) – Teens 5

What I like most about British House are the teachers and the dynamics of my class, my classmates, the facilities, the speaking. It is very funny how the language is taught and I really like extracurricular activities.

There are lots of them!

Dolors Castañé – Júlia Rius’s mother – Teens 5

I like how they treat people and the good functioning of the school. The English learned at British House has been very positive for my daughter in the school where she studies, it has helped her a lot.

I like Júlia’s enthusiasm towards this school and English.

Francisco Adame – Raúl Adame Gutiérrez’s father – Teens 5

I like the teacher and the place where the classes take place. As a father I like the fact that my son is in a comfortable environment and has a high academic level.

Júlia Rius (mother: Dolors Castañé) – Teens 5

What I like most about British House is meeting new people. You make more friends and you know a lot of things about them and the teacher. I love those days when the teacher says “Film day!”

We spend an hour and a half watching a movie and you learn a lot of vocabulary. And the most fun thing is that you have some classmates who finally end up being your friends.

Wenqi Chen (father: Jianfeng Chen) – Teens 5

What I like the most about British House is the context in which they teach. They always teach you what you need most about English. I also like the teachers a lot, they explain so that it is easy to understand and have fun.

My classmates also treat me very well and are very kind. In conclusion, British House is a place where you have a lot of fun and you learn English in a very special way.

Cataline Gallego – Helena Escobar’s mother – Teens 5

The atmosphere of the classes. The small number of students per group. The fact of being small groups helps maximize and optimize time and knowledge.

Anna Molina – Teens 5

What I like most about British House are its facilities and the staff.

Marina Vichera – Teens 5

What I like most about British House are the staff and the classes.

Silvia Barcia (father: Javier Barcia) – Teens 5

What I like the most about British House is how they teach you and help you in what you need.

What has helped me improve is the continuous work we did each week and the way we work on the content in class.

Mar Marin – Cynthia Ramal’s mother – Teens 6

My daughter is already grown-up, therefore, it is not me who has to like the academy but her, and it is evident that she likes it because she comes happy and I see day after day how she evolves positively.

Ismael Sekkou – Summer camp

What I liked the most was the dynamic of doing group activities, talking, laughing… It has helped me a lot to improve the speaking since you gain more confidence when talking.

Dam Lola Aiisage – Summer camp

What I liked the most was the projects we have done with Gloria, for example, creating a superhero. Although it does not look like it, I have learned many things and that is why I will sign up for the British House classes after school.

Sara Caturla – Summer camp

I like the fact that you learn a lot of English. I have improved in that I now speak more in English and I express myself better. What I like the most is that every week we did projects related to the theme of the week and it was fun. I also liked making friends.

Roger Jordán – Summer camp

I liked the classes a lot since we did everything in English and they were fun. I had a great time with my classmates and the teachers. And it has helped me to review the verb tenses and learn vocabulary and words that I did not know.

Bertha Guarnizo – Josbeth Adrián Peñafiel’s mother – Summer camp

I like the good service they have with everyone and especially with my son, there is a lot of dedication and above all, a lot of responsibility. No changes to be done! Continue the way you do, we like it very much.


Priscila Lorenzo – Adults 1

I  work in a hotel and it has helped me to understand and communicate better with foreign customers. And the most important thing, to give them a better quality service. What I like most is the atmosphere at British House. From the people who work in the reception, to the management, they have a super friendly and welcoming approach. And of course the best teacher in the world Lola Blanco. She is patient, affectionate and has a good teaching method.

María Fernanda Iguez – Adults 1

What I like the most is the professionalism of the teacher (Lola) and the patience she has with us and the group we have in the classroom.

It has helped me learn English, although due to the lack of time I can not devote it the time I would like to.

Josep Manuel Boix – Adults 1

The place, in the center of town. The facilities which are well illuminated. The great people. Who has helped me a lot has been my teacher Lola, always ready to clarify, to repeat, to help.

Iván Álvarez – Adults 1

I liked the methodology of the course since all fields are worked on with the right proportions. The classes, in turn, are very pleasant and the teachers are very attentive. If I had to improve anything, it would be that instead of listening to the audios on a CD I would like to see it from a DVD, on a screen. I think, in general, that the course has been very good.

Tania Martí – Adults 2

It is one of the most important schools in Rubí, so it is in a good position in my work curriculum. I met people with whom I learn and have a good time despite the late schedules.

Iván Berbel – Adults 2

I like the good atmosphere there is. We are not too many in class and that helps contents to be understood better. My teacher Rosie always speaks in English and that makes you be very attentive. I think I learned a lot with her.

Verónica Bolomares – Adults 2

The classes with my classmates and the teacher are very enjoyable. In addition to learning it is important that classes are dynamic. This my course we have been 4 students and it is perfect because with many people in class we wouldn’t have the opportunity to speak so much.

Glòria Oliva – Adults 2

I have a hard time thinking about what you can improve. I have felt very good with my classmate, with the teacher Lola, with the staff. I can not participate in extracurricular activities, due to lack of time and “age” ? although I find them interesting. On a personal level I intend to do the 2nd course and I would like it to be with Lola. The truth is that for me it has been a person who has made me feel comfortable in class and who has been very concerned about our learning- Thank you all for everything.

Alfred Pérez – Compact adults 2

What I liked most about this academy was the class schedule, because it is a good time of the day to learn and reinforce English. It has helped me to improve on some topics I did not understand, I like the teachers who kindly help you with any doubt by providing you with technological means (websites, …) or explaining things to you by putting examples to practice in class.

Montse Mir – Compact adults 2

In my case it was a very small group (2 people) and the teacher made it entertaining. I have improved by making myself / forcing myself to speak but I will also say that I came to class wanting to learn.

Montserrat Garrido – Adults 3

I like the fact that I have many class schedules to choose from, to practice the oral part and to do activities, although I would like it if they had more weekend activities for adults because these are currently more focused on children. I mean adult conversation groups.

Liz Mery Renjel – Adults 4

I like the teachers, the dynamics of the classes, the methodology, the personalized treatment, the classes are fun.

I would not change anything!

José Sánchez – Adults 4

It is a professional academy, oriented to the continuous improvement of the students. They have different modalities of classes that help classes to adapt better to each type of student.

Helen Macias – Adults 4

I like the methodology and dynamics used in the classes. I also like the teachers, secretaries, classmates, etc. Everything is very easy and we treat each other with joy and respect, as if we were a big family!

Jofre Rossinyol – Adults 4

What I like the most is the dynamics of the class. The problem that many adults have is their fluency in having a conversation in English. At British House, many speaking activities are done to gain fluency. I would also like to say that an important point is their small groups, which greatly facilitate learning.

Raquel León – Adults 4

I started at British House with Adults 1, this is my fourth year. I have finished Adults 4.

From the beginning I liked the methodology and the atmosphere very much. I had always struggled to follow an English course in an academy and at British House I managed to start and continue! Above all, without getting bored and most importantly, learning.

The 5 teachers I have had motivated me and made learning easier. I recommend it!

Ismael Boulagrons – Adults 4

Siempre se preocupan por ti. Te mantienen informado de todas sus actividades. Los profesores enseñan muy bien y se preocupan para que entiendas todo el temario. Las clases están muy bien cuidadas y el material es muy adecuado.

Ángel Martín – Adults 5

The location of the school is unbeatable. It is in the center of my city and I can walk without needing to take the car or public transport. They have a staff of teachers and workers who care about the students and are available to solve any unforeseen event.

In addition, the schedules are flexible and the late evening adult classes have allowed me to continue with my English-speaking training without altering the schedules of my working day.

Anna Pagés – Adults 6

The classes are very dynamic and the teacher-student relationship is very close. One of the best parts is the speakings because they are a great opportunity to interact with colleagues and to get to know each other better.

Ariadna Martínez – Adults 6

The classes are very dynamic and you have many opportunities to practice speaking!

They also offer many free activities to practice languages!! ?

Yago Fuentes (mother: Luz Divina Rodríguez) – Compact Adults 6

What I like the most about British House is the level it has and its teachers, since some of them are native and that helps our learning. I also like the receptionists, because they do an incredible job, which not everyone can do.

Miriam Houlail – Adults 6

I like the classes because they are dynamic, it is also good to do a lot of speaking. I like it that the teacher encourages all of us to participate in class. I would like to have a film in English once per trimester. Or at least some a year, when for example we finish exams.

Neus Baig – Adults 6

What I like most about British House is that classes are dynamic and fun. The teachers help you to improve and to give the best of you. I like it because in the classes we can practice a lot of English and talk with people who have our same level.

Wendy Buendia – Adults 6

Me gusta que las clases sean dinámicas ya que de esta manera se hacen más amenas y aprendes sin aburrirte. Me gusta también el trato cercano que tienen con los alumnos ayudándolos con cualquier problema. Personalmente me ha ayudado mucho en mi trabajo debido a que tenía que redactar y enviar muchos mails y documentación en inglés.

Manal Barrouhou (father: Hanan Berrouhou) – Adults 7

I like being in small groups in class and the teacher who is native. I hope to get the CAE next course. I also like the treatment given by the secretaries, since it is not an easy task.

Mar Buil Gil – FCE

What I like most are the new facilities and the glass windows instead of walls. The teachers are very professional and very friendly. The schedules are a bit late for my taste but it allows me to study for other subjects.

Pablo Cerrato – CAE

I like the fact that my teacher is native, since he helps me a lot with pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary.

Ariana Montecino – International Communication First

What I like the most about British House and which I value very much, is the dynamics of the classes and their teachers, thanks to their kindness and concern for our learning, they help us to improve. Class after class, we learn new vocabulary and they make you feel at ease when speaking and above all, they help you launch yourself into speaking in another language (in my case it’s English) something that sometimes makes us feel embarrassed.

Regarding work, classes help me to prosper and interact with colleagues and clients from other countries.

Marc Serna – International Communication First

British House has always been the best place to disconnect and learn English. I have been in this academy for 6-7 years and it has helped me to get diplomas like the First Certificate. The new center is very nice and they have a lot of didactic material.

Irene Rodríguez – International Communication First

I like their interactive classes, introducing games / speaking during the class to practice and the motivation and interest shown by the teaching staff.

It has helped me not to lose motivation for maintaining my language level and to continue to be interested in keep on learning. I like practicing speaking and remembering vocabulary.

Lídia López – International Communication First

I have been doing English classes at British House for a few years now (6 years) and I am very happy since I have learned a lot during these years. During class I have a great time and I take full advantage of them since the teachers I have had so far have made the classes very interesting.

Generally speaking, I like everything I have done so far.

Pepita Guasch – International Communication i First Certificate

I like the treatment received from those responsible for the school and also from the teachers with whom we have studied (both my children and myself) here at British House, over many years. The new facilities are much more comfortable and give a much more modern and current image.

I still remember a trip to London with our classmates a few years ago, during which we enjoyed the city very much.

Isabel Rodrigo – International Communication Advanced

What I like the most about British House is the quality of the teachers and the personalized attention you receive. Whenever I have wanted recommendations about books, guides or doubts, for example, about work issues, about vocabulary…, they have helped me. All classes are directed according to the objective of each student. I have always practiced the oral comprehension, which was my goal.


Aleix Arimón and Xus Lorente – Classes In-company –  BSA Group

I like how easy it is to find a good group, their reduced groups, the good communication and good level they have.

Iratxe Fontuberta – Madre de Aitor Pitarch – OTS

I like the facilities to find a good group, the small groups, the good communication and the good level.