British House is committed to the training and internationalization of its students, in order to expand language education with new horizons bringing exciting academic, work and life possibilities. With this objective, we constantly seek new collaborations that benefit our educational community.

On the one hand, British House has collaboration agreements with the University of Barcelona and Pompeu Fabra University, in order to bet on the training and academic excellence of future generations who join the workforce. Thanks to these agreements, students of Philology and Degrees of Foreign Languages ​​of these universities their students can start in the working world at British House, and learn firsthand what it is to work together for a multilingual and international society.

On the other hand, our school is Cambridge Learning Partner, an alliance between Cambridge University Press, publisher of the University of Cambridge, and British House Languages ​​with the main objective of building a framework that guarantees excellence in teaching and learning the  English language.

Finally, British House forms part of a group of international language schools called Eurocentres. Due to this link, British House students can learn English in any part of the world, for example the United Kingdom, Australia or Canada.
Eurocentres are language schools located all around the world, and each centre must comply with a quality control programme. These centers offer a quality language learning experience linked with the added bonus of getting to know the people and culture of your chosen country.