1. This building more than a hundred years old.
2. milk in the fridge?
3. He London next week.
4. the weather like?
5. James likes the radio.
6. Lucy goes to school bus.
7. He at nine o’clock.
8. I open the window, please?
9. "What are you doing ?” - “Nothing, just T.V.”
10. Ben hasn’t got money.
11. I would like make a complaint.
12. I went to the shops some tea.
13. I’ve lost my glasses. I can’t find them .
14. He’s looking forward .
15. You've been to Mexico, you?
16. Mrs Summers hasn’t arrived .
17. Jean has lived in Manchester three years.
18. I love Barcelona but there are tourists nowadays.
19. Professor Xavier will another talk next Wednesday.
20. If only I it was so dangerous!
21. It can’t be broken, I .
22. Alex has to get the train to work because his car has .
23. I’m sorry sir, but the hotel is completely booked
24. I to go home and have a rest.
25. He’s married a lawyer.
26. If I had lots of money, I round the world.
27. By the year 2030, I married for twenty years.
28. What time to work this morning?
29. I’m taking extra classes to catch on the work I’ve missed.
30. She has explained everything.
31. Remember after work.
32. My brother said Mary gone home.
33. If I earlier, I wouldn’t have missed the train.
34. She hasn't managed to work all her problems yet.
35. “No, I didn’t know! You have told me!”
36. You decide right now. Tell me your decision on Monday.
37. It’s really odd that she him after all the trouble he’s caused her.
38. I a shower when Sam rang.
39. She better hurry or she’ll miss her flight.
40. Emma has lived here for nine years now, so she this damp weather.
41. We spent the whole day in the country and didn't till dark.
42. You to eat them all!
43. The company has our electricity because we haven't paid our bill.
44. Could you these papers for me, please?
45. The fugitives be in a country in South America by now.
46. We made perfectly clear we wanted a room with a sea view.
47. I’m afraid it won’t any difference what you do!
48. Eric asked me ever been to Lloret de Mar.
49. Children, these days, are to the television or computer screen.
50. The two women walked anxiously along the alley.
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